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On these pages you can view whole slide images and snapshot of the seminar cases presented
at the congress in Florence. Diagnoses and handout pdf documents will become available after the

SS1 Neuropathology  September 5th
SS2 Breast Pathology  September 6th
SS3 Head&Neck Pathology  September 6th
SS4 Dermatopathology  September 6th
SS5 Cytopathology  September 6th
SS6 Uropathology  September 6th
SS7 Paediatric Pathology  September 6th
SS8 Haematopathology  September 6th
SS9 Cardiovascular Pathology  September 6th
SS10 Pulmonary Pathology  September 6th
SS11 Gynaecological Pathology  September 6th
SS12 Digestive Pathology  September 6th
SS14 Nephropathology  September 8th
SS15 Soft Tissue Tumors  September 8th
SS16 Endocrine Pathology  September 8th

September 3rd
Case commenting allowed

Allowing comments is controversial, as pathologists tend to comment cases with correct diagnoses, making them thus “diagnosed” already before the congress.

According to feedback from a questionnaire, commenting ECP 2009 cases was turned on just before the congress starts. During and after the congress comments will also be allowed.

September 4th
Mirror servers

The image dataset has been copied to 5 mirror servers. One of them is a congress site intraserver which will be functional on Sept 5th.

A speedtest guiding the selection of image server has been added.